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Autumn of Love: A Young Girl's Erotic and Sexually Explicit True Love Story Set in Nineteen Sixties' England by Angela Goodnight

This represents a section of the above story to show the erotic nature and sexually explicit content of Peter and Angela's writing. All of their erotic and sexually explicit versions use similar language and descriptions to those found below.

Enjoy then please buy the complete book.

The next Saturday she was up early and looked out of the window. The sea was calm and the sky clear. The sun was just rising. The weather was perfect. Importantly, it looked like it was going to be another really warm, still September day. How lucky they were. It was perfect.

Swiftly using the bathroom, she ran down the stairs in her nightdress to the kitchen.

Her father was sitting at the table with some coffee and toast, "Hello darling," he said.

She walked around the table, flicked on the kettle and gave him a hug from behind and a kiss on his cheek.

"That's nice dear. What have I done to deserve that?"

She laughed, "Oh nothing, it's just such a lovely day … and it's Saturday. No school."

He smiled and watched his beautiful daughter pop some toast in the toaster as the kettle came to the boil. "You watch your bare legs and feet with that boiling water," he cautioned, "I do wish you'd wear your slippers in the kitchen."

She shrugged off the caution and brought her coffee over to the table and sat down with it. A moment later the toaster sprung up and she retrieved two pieces of golden toasted brown bread.

She reached across the table for the butter and spread a little onto each slice, adding some Golden Shred marmalade. Another two Gollies from the inside of the lids and she'd be able to get another Golliwog badge. Not that she ever wore them, but she'd collected nearly a dozen. It had become one of those habits you liked to keep up. [This is before the time when golliwogs became politically incorrect.]

She swung her feet under the table and ate her breakfast, reading a little from the back of her father's newspaper.

Breakfast finished, she tidied away her plate and cup and ran back up to her bedroom. She felt so happy and wanted to scream from the rooftops, "I'm going to lose my virginity today!"

Looking out of her window, it looked as if it really was going to be a perfect day for the castle mound. She thought about what to wear.

Early in the summer she'd bought a dreamy lacy mini-dress, chemise and panties for the end of year school dance. She knew Tommy wouldn't have seen it as the hop was before he'd come to their school. It might be a bit over the top for casual, but not totally for a lovely summer's day walk with a boyfriend and it was so sexy. She also had an open knit cardigan to go over it and some lovely paisley patterned silky stockings and white suspender. All of that with her creamy white shoes should set Tommy's fire burning. She laid it all out ready.

Nine o'clock.

She went to the bathroom, stripped off her nightdress and started to run a bath into which she poured the remaining contents of some Morny bubble bath her mum had given her for her birthday a couple of weeks previously.

She cleaned her teeth and flossed them, too and looked at her face in the mirror.

Damn, it, she thought. She had another spot on her chin, but this one was even more unsightly as it was just in the cleft under her lip.

She ran naked across to her bedroom, grabbed her Clearasil and put it by the sink. 

The bath was now steaming and she adjusted the flow of hot and cold to suit her mood and stepped in. It felt too hot at first, but as she lowered herself she became more acclimatised to it and relaxed, leaning back and closing her eyes.

The fragrance from the bubble bath was pleasant and she stretched her arms and legs in the heat of the water. Once she’d acclimatised she gently massaged her clitoris in little circles and enjoyed the feelings it produced. Soon she hoped Tommy would be doing that to her. Strange sensations seemed to be building in her genitals and she stopped the massage, curious why her body had these odd experiences. She tried to relax and thought about Tommy.

After a long, delightful soak she washed herself, taking particular care over her private parts and sat up, reached for the shower extension and began to wash her hair.

Finally, some three quarters of an hour later, she stepped out of the bath and dried herself all over. She sprayed all over her body with her Sukina and dabbed some neat perfume behind her ears, on her neck and on her Venus mound.

Wrapped in the full length towel with another around her head, she drained the bath and walked through to her bedroom, which suddenly felt cold.

She turned on the fan heater and sat at her dressing table where she kept her hair dryer.

Firstly she put on Tommy's ring and pulled off her head towel allowing her hair to fall limply onto her shoulders. Using her favourite brush, she began the long process of drying her hair, detangling it in the process.

That done, she realised she'd left the Clearasil in the bathroom and went back for it. She dabbed a small amount of the skin coloured ointment onto the annoying spot which had arrived overnight.

Looking closely into the mirror, she put on just a touch of mascara, turned her head as far as she could to check her cheeks and inserted a couple of lovely silver and pearl drop earrings into her newly pierced ear lobes. The piercing was another birthday present, but for school she was only allowed a very tiny gold stud even though her ears were normally hidden by her hair.

Standing up, she dropped the towel and admired her nakedness in the mirror before pulling on the satin panties. They felt good and she swung from side to side to see how they moved against her legs.

Next to go on was the chemise which dropped neatly onto her shoulders and tumbled down to about eight or nine inches above her knees. Some girls were wearing dresses that short these days, She didn't think her mum would approve, though.

She clipped the suspender belt around her waist under the chemise and sat on the bed with her lacy stockings and rolled them up her legs until she could attach them to the suspenders.

She stood and looked in the mirror to check they weren't twisted and repositioned her second mirror to see the back.

She couldn't help but know she looked extremely sexy in chemise and stockings. Their tops were just at the level of the hem of her chemise so the suspender buttons were just visible. She felt so happy. She hoped it would be a nice surprise for Tommy when he saw her in this outfit, and, she thought, colouring very slightly, when he later saw her stepping out of it. Perhaps he'd help her?

Finally the dress itself. She really loved it. She felt it was just about the prettiest and sexiest dress she'd ever seen in her life and she hoped it would knock Tommy's eyes out, when he saw her wearing it.

It hung very loosely on her, not quite as unfitted as a shift, but not tight. This made it easy for her to zip it up at the back and do up the clasp. It hugged her bust loosely, had a hint of a waist and even less of a hint of a flare from her hips.

She looked at herself in the mirrors and touched her breasts through the chemise and dress. Did she need a bra? She decided not. Her breasts were small anyway and so needed little support, so by not wearing a bra she felt it would be more exciting for Tommy.

She tucked a lacy hanky into a tiny hip pocket on the dress and pulled on her loosely knitted cardigan which looked really pretty over the dress.

Finally the cream shoes with just an inch of heel and a delicate bow and she was almost ready. She looked at the shoes and worried for a minute they might not be ideal for crossing the beach or climbing the castle. She put the thought aside and decided she would manage and the effect was so much better with those shoes than any of her others.

Now the even more critical stuff.

She went to the wardrobe and took out a cream coloured duffle bag with tope piping and drawstring instead of handles.

On her chair she had laid out the things she felt she might need including a huge beach towel, a small box of tissues and a small pack of tissues, too. She tucked a sanitary towel and emergency Tampax into the very bottom with a spare hanky. She also put in a tiny bag which contained scissors, nail clippers, the Clearasil, mascara, some rubber bands, some cotton and needle and face mirror. There was also her purse with a few coins and notes.

She was going to get some condoms from the chemist, but lost her nerve when she saw a neighbour at the other end of the store. When she went back later one of her teachers was in a long conversation with someone near the counter.

She guessed Tommy would have that well in hand, so to speak. After all he’d had some with him the previous week when he'd let her handle one.

She pulled the drawstring to seal the bag and went downstairs. Both her parents were out, so no questions about why she was dressed so sexily. She had time to have another coffee before leaving the house about twelve thirty to walk to the beach café.

She passed the local nightclub which was on the hill above the beach and followed a meandering path down the slope towards the café.

Suddenly she heard a call of "Fi," looked around and saw Tommy waving from one of the beach shelters by the path. She was puzzled as they hadn't planned to meet there.

She waved and headed towards him, trying to walk in a sophisticated manner to show off her dress to best advantage. She had the duffle bag at her back and just held the cord over her shoulder with her left hand.

She hoped Tommy would like her outfit and find it suitable for what they planned. Her deflowering.

As she approached him she smiled with satisfaction as she watched him undressing her with his eyes.

He stood up and looked great. She thought his corduroy shorts were really unsophisticated but extremely sexy. They cut straight across, just half an inch below his crotch and she could see a slight bulge where she knew her new toy resided.

His football T-shirt hung loosely down to just below the waist on his shorts. On his feet he had beige sneakers and some ankle socks. Boys never seemed to have to worry about being in something different every day.

His legs were brown and strong-looking and she felt a butterfly take off in her tummy as she looked at them.

She was dressed for a wedding and he for a day on the beach or picnic in the country.

He was ogling her now and the expression on his face screamed approval. He leaned towards her and she felt his lips on hers.

"You look absolutely stunning, Fiona."

She smiled, "What are you doing here?"

"Spying on the competition," he said and pointed towards another student couple, Michael Morgan and Janet Atkins, crossing the beach towards the castle.

"Oh no," Fiona gasped, "You don't think …"

"I hope not. That would be the most horrible coincidence."

Surely they couldn't be that unlucky. She couldn't imagine where they'd go if the others started climbing the castle mound. It would be a disaster.

She swung the duffle bag off her shoulder and dropped it onto the seat as she sat beside him, smoothing her dress as she sat. She took his hand and they sat and stared at the other couple crossing the beach.

They watched them climb up to the pier and onto the level area where the tourist bench was. They sat upon it. The same bench Tommy and Fiona had sat upon the previous week.

Suddenly Tommy protested, "You're hurting, Fi," and she realised she'd been digging her nails into the back of his hand.

"Oh, sorry," she said and kissed the back of his hand, "Didn't realise I was doing it."

He laughed, "Not at all anxious then?"

They both sniggered and looked back at the other couple. They were still sitting on the bench.

Tommy stood up and took her hand and said, "Come on, Fi, we can watch as easily from the café."

"But we mustn't lose sight of them," she added, "Just imagine walking in on them up there."

"I'd rather not imagine that, Fi, neither us walking in on them nor finding them in the castle actually 'at it'."

They both laughed out loud at the thought.

Glancing to the castle every few seconds they soon came to the concrete structure which was the beach shop and café.

The season was nearing its end, but there were still beach balls, footballs, spades and pails. There were two full size surf boards and a wire basket containing some children's boards. Two swivel racks contained the latest paperbacks.

Postcard racks hung at the entrances and there was all manner of other beach paraphernalia including fold up seats, blankets, towels and Lilos.

There were wooden benches and tables outside the café and more utilitarian metal framed plastic seats and tables inside.

Fiona sat on a bench by a table facing the beach and castle.

"I'd better sit here while you buy something so I can keep an eye on them," she said.

"What would you like?" he asked.

"What are you having?"

"Oh, I hadn't thought. Perhaps a tea."

"Okay, make that two."

The café owner had been good to them over the last few weeks when they'd dropped in for a simple drink and had sat, talking, for hours nursing empty cups. Fiona was sure they hadn't been very profitable, but on one occasion when she'd apologised for sitting outside so long he told her he thought busy made busy, and others might well have come in because of them.

Tommy disappeared into the darker interior for a few minutes and eventually returned and sat close beside her. His warm thigh pressed hard against her own leg. It felt good. She pressed back hard against him.

The other couple from their school, Michael and Janet, hadn't moved. They still sat talking on the bench.

Joe came out with the tray and put down two white china cups, a small white teapot, saucers with spoons, a small bowl of sugar and tiny jug of milk. There were two Penguin biscuits on a small side plate.

"Haven't seen much of you two this week. It's getting quiet now," he said making conversation.

They smiled at him, agreed it was becoming quiet and took their Penguins. She poured the tea and Tommy exclaimed, "Oh my God, Fiona. They've gone."

"Which way? I didn't see," she replied.

They scanned the scene for several minutes, becoming more and more worried they might have climbed to their secret hollow. Surely they hadn’t climbed out of sight that quickly?

After a very worrying period, suddenly, she saw them way over the other side of the council grounds. "There they are, going past the council gates," she cheerfully reported.

"Thank God," he said in great relief.

They must have got up and disappeared around the corner while they were not paying attention and had circled the castle mound and passed by the main council entrance.

If they had gone the other way they would never have seen them and could not have dared to go up the castle mound in case they disturbed them.

Fiona squeezed his hand and moved her thigh against his.

Totally relieved, they sipped their tea and Fiona unwrapped her Penguin.

She decided to make a point to him and sucked the chocolate off the end of the Penguin, drawing it slowly in and out of her lips while staring into his eyes. If this didn't turn him on, nothing would.

"Oh, Fi, you are driving me mad already."

She bit off the biscuit and laughed. Very quietly she said, "Tell you what, that tastes a lot better than your cum. I'll have to try painting you in chocolate one day and licking it off."

She smiled at him sexily and sucked the next inch of her Penguin.

"Don't!" he exclaimed, "I don't want to come in my pants with the thought of you doing that to me."

She felt they were much more at ease with each other. It was a lovely feeling and gave her butterflies in her tummy.

They both laughed and drank their tea and finished their biscuits, she sucking hers noisily and looking into his eyes. An urgency to their date came to the fore again and they decided to make a move.

The sun was growing warmer and everything now seemed set for life's great adventure.

They finished their tea, shouted "Goodbye," to Joe the café owner and made their way down the steps to the beach.

Over a hundred yards of warm, dry sand faced them and they walked slowly. Fiona didn't want to appear to be in too much of a hurry, despite being desperate to be alone with him. She wished he'd tell her to get a move on.

But there was no sign of urgency from him either and she just went with the flow. She noticed how he looked down at her feet as she walked and she emphasised her deliberate catwalk approach to walking. Placing her feet in front of, and the opposite side of centre of the previous one to make her hips sway more sexily.

He held her hand tight. The castle seemed to take a long time getting closer. She wanted to hurry, but wouldn't give him the satisfaction of winning the battle which she was sure they were both waging.

There was tons of time, so she was determined not to speed up at all.

They walked on. Soon to be lovers, hand in hand.

Although it seemed to be taking forever they finally arrived at the sea wall and climbed up to the wooden pier.

She sat down on its edge and dangled her legs over the side.

"You have a wander around and make sure there is no one we know in the street behind the castle mound," she said.

Tommy disappeared around the mound in the direction Michael and Janet must have taken earlier.

She just sat on the wooden pier, swinging her legs wistfully, looking down at the water. Not long now. What would it be like? Would it hurt? Would she be too tight for him? Would she bleed? Why wasn’t more information available? It seemed so unfair there had to be unnecessary anxiety over something which should be such a beautiful experience. She was determined to make it the best day of her life, come what may.

Tommy came back with the all clear, she jumped up and they sat together on the bench, now looking across the beach.

When they were sure there was no one else to worry about he asked, "Ready?"

She nodded enthusiastically and they both stood up.

A gentleman as always, knowing she was in such a short dress, Tommy led the way, taking her hand unnecessarily, but reassuringly at the steeper sections of the path.

They climbed the first steep section quite quickly and came around the mound to the danger spot, where they could be seen from the houses.

Tommy stopped and looked around the bushes. The houses were all quiet apart from one lady in her garden dead-heading roses. He led her forward by the hand so she could see.

"Do you know her?" he whispered to Fiona.

She shook her head and they quickly climbed through the final section where they might be seen.

Next they took the last level section and final climb more slowly, Tommy making sure she didn't lose her footing on the sandy track.

As they reached the top they were both now conscious of the fact there could be people already there. It was something neither of them had even considered until seeing Michael and Janet so close to their secret place earlier.

They moved quietly and listened as they went, praying there would be no one up there.

They reached the top and she watched Tommy part the bushes to get into the hollow.


It was theirs.

He turned to her and she fell into his arms and they just cuddled each other, standing up and holding and squeezing and running their hands over each other's backs. He felt so strong and sturdy in her arms.

After a delightful kiss he stood, quietly and just looked at her. He took several more steps backward and looked her up and down in a way which would have felt uncomfortable if it had been anyone else doing it.

She loved his admiring ogling and did a twirl and swayed from side to side for him. She knew she looked stunning, after all, she'd planned today very carefully and knew he would love her dress.

As he watched her, she looked at him and his legs, flat stomach, cropped hair and lovely eyes and face. Wow, she thought, I can't believe he's really mine.

He seemed to be at a loss of what to do next and she suddenly realised she, too, was stymied. What came next?

She blurted it out, "I'm scared."

He came over to her, held her tightly in his arms, swayed her from side to side and said, "Don't be scared, Fi. Can I tell you something?"

"Yes, of course." she whispered.

"I'm scared, too."

"Oh, Tommy, it seemed so easy when it was just sex, but this is so much deeper than just sex."

"Do you want to wait? Next week, maybe?" he asked.

No, she thought, no, don’t go chicken on me now Tommy. She wanted him desperately.

She took the initiative and swung her duffle bag off her shoulder and removed the most enormous beach towel which she laid out on the grassy area. Looking back at him and smiling meaningfully, she asked, "Shall we sit down and just enjoy being together?"

He nodded and came over to her.

She sat up with her arms around her knees just looking forward. He sat next to her cross legged.

"I feel so grubby beside you in that lovely dress."

"Oh, no, I love your shorts."

He put his arm around her and she rubbed her hand over his bare legs.

It was funny. She'd gone through this moment in her imagination so many times. He would come towards her, kiss her, they'd lie down, she'd open her legs and suddenly her virginity would be gone.

The trouble is there seemed to be so many stages inbetween, and they all had to be completed.

She was sitting there, fully dressed and he, although, admittedly, in shorts, was fully dressed, too. They'd been here ten minutes and hadn't made any progress at all other than to both admit they were scared witless.

After a short while he just leaned towards her and his lips caressed her cheek and moved to her lips. It was so lovely. Her pulse quickened. This was better, but he tried to ease her onto her back and she realised if he started rubbing his legs and feet against hers, her stockings would be ruined and they were too pretty for that to happen. Why hadn't she thought about that? She'd planned everything so carefully, but failed to think about how they would actually begin to make love.

"Wait a minute," she said, "I'd better take these stockings off or you might snag them."

He sat back and watched as she reached under her dress and undid the suspenders. She rolled the right stocking down her thigh, over her knee quite quickly and realised she was missing a trick. His eyes appeared glued to her fingers as she rolled the stocking down. He placed his hand on her thigh and she thrilled to his touch. Lovely.

She smiled and continued to roll the stocking down, over her knee and down her calf, kicking off her shoes. Soon her leg was naked.

He stared at it, obviously gobsmacked, caressed it gently all the way from her thigh to her foot and back up again, holding the back of her thigh firmly and rubbing his hand up and down against it.

This was wonderful, she just loved the rough palms against her skin.

Once he had satisfied his need to touch her right leg, she slipped her hand under her dress and quickly flicked out the suspender buttons off the second stocking.

Milking his desire, she rolled the second stocking down much more slowly.

"Oh, wow, Fi. Your legs are just too lovely for words."

She giggled and took even longer to ease the stocking down, deliberately slowly she exposed inch by inch of her thigh, looking at him and laughing as he watched.

"You are torturing me, girl."

It seemed to break the spell and they were relaxed with each other again. They both laughed.

"Do you want to finish this leg?" she asked.

He needed no further encouragement and took the top fold of the stocking from her and tried to follow what she had done with the first one.

"Careful," she cautioned, “don't catch them on your fingernails or anything else.”

He'd watched carefully and was a quick student. He rolled it down inch by inch, releasing it and caressing each part of her leg as it became exposed.

She laughed, but loved it. His attentions to her legs were just lovely and she felt heat in her groin building again. This was good, really good. As the stocking came down to her knee he let go again and ran his hand along the inside of her thigh, holding its underside which seemed to be one of his favourite spots to touch. She closed her legs suddenly trapping his hand and they both laughed.

"Concentrate!" she scolded.

He said, "Okay," and again eased the white, silky material down below her knee, holding its hardness in his hand and feeling its shape. She was loving this and felt her juices starting to flow. She felt him run his hand quite roughly from knee to the top of her thigh and back down again, several times. The friction was hot and gave her powerful sensations to add to the growing feelings in her groin.

Again his hand went around to behind her thigh, but this time she didn't trap it, she just smiled at him and looked into his eyes, silently mouthing, "Love you".

He did the same which absolutely thrilled her. There were butterflies in her tummy again. She so loved him. His hands were now exposing her calf and he felt all around it, understanding the shape of her lower leg, treating her to the most lovely sensations.

He'd got to her foot and she stretched her leg out in front of her so he could ease the stocking over her toes. She took it from him and felt his hand cupping her foot. She was surprised when he leaned forward and kissed it tenderly.

She laid back on the towel and he used his lips to caress her toes and nibble each in turn, probing between each toe with his tongue.

"That's lovely, Tommy."

"You taste salty. Must be sand."

Why was he doing this? Why did he love her toes? Now her instep, now her shin and knee. He spent several minutes kissing her knee while his hand reached behind it and squeezed gently the softer parts behind her knee and calf. Her breathing was becoming more frantic. It was absolutely wonderful, her sexual feelings were growing, her body ached for him.

When his lips came to the rounded front of her thigh she could have swooned. It was just so delightful. She didn't know how much of this she could take. She felt so hot she didn't know what was going on inside her. She must, she guessed, be moving towards climax and she wasn't even making love with him yet. It was overpowering for her.

Suddenly she worried his sucking could put a love bite on her thigh.

"No love bites there, please, Tommy," she said with some concern.

His tongue licked her thigh again, kissed it and held it tight with his hand holding its soft underside. He didn’t suck, just kissed and licked and caressed it.

"Fiona, you feel so incredible. I could do this for hours."

She smiled sweetly at him, "We have hours, Tommy, and no timed agenda. Just do whatever you want. I love everything you do to me."

He looked at her lovingly, "I can't believe we love each other. It doesn't seem possible someone as lovely as you could really love me, too."

"Don't underestimate yourself, Tommy. My legs go weak every time I see you."


"Yes, honestly."

She changed position and reached under her dress. Her suspender belt was freed and she put it into the bag with the stockings.

Looking deep into her eyes, he moved into a crouch and put both of his hands out to hers.

She took them and she felt him pull her to her feet and they just stood, holding hands and looking into each other's faces. Her toes gripping into the soft, warm, dry sand of the hollow.

They kissed. Long, slow, sensuous, motions, with tongues just flicking each other. No full blown French kissing, just delicate loving kisses.

She felt him ease her cardigan over her shoulders and she took it from him, again folding it and bobbing down, legs tight together, laid it on the grass beside the towel.

They looked at each other again and she decided she had to get her hands on his torso. She reached for the bottom of his Spurs T-shirt and quickly lifted it over his head. Again she folded it and laid it on the ground with her cardigan.

She could see him looking at the lacework and ribbons around her neckline and suddenly his hands were on her breasts, caressing them through her dress and chemise, exactly as she hoped he would. She savoured the feeling and felt her nipples hardening to his touch and the warmth trying to spread down to meet the heat in her abdomen and groin.

It went on for ages, lovely, excruciatingly lovely for her and he seemed to be enjoying it, too.

She laughed inwardly at how all of this seemed to be an age away, just a short while ago. Her legs felt weak with love and she wanted to lie down, but he was still caressing her breasts and she didn't want his touching to stop either.

She let out a long, gentle groan of pleasure.

She had to move it onward. She felt for his shorts and undid the clasp, pulled the zip down quickly and let them drop to his feet.

She crouched, and saw him kick off his sneakers. She removed his shorts and his ankle socks and placed them on the growing pile of clothes.

She now sat cross legged in front of him, she kissed his calves and allowed her fingers to dance with his toes. She looked upwards, rubbed her hands over the back of his calves and felt a shudder go through his body. She reached for his briefs.

They were lovely, dark with a lightning motif.

"They're nice," she commented and pulled them down, laughing as his penis sprang free and erect, pointing determinedly upwards. She continued with a giggle, "Good grief, have you got a spring in it?"

He assured her he hadn't. She continued, “I’m going to call it Zebedee from that new kids programme!”

He laughed.

She let him step out of the briefs and laid them with the other clothes, stood up again and kissed him on the mouth once more. She was very conscious of his erect penis staring up at her. She kept it clear of her dress to prevent any chance of staining.

When the kiss ended he seemed to look at her not knowing what to do next. She quickly realised and turned around to face away so he could see how the dress fitted.

In fact it was loose enough he could have pulled it straight over her head, but she felt him fiddle with the clasp and glide the zip down almost as far as the groove in the top of her bottom.

He was going to pull at it, but she stopped him, let it fall off her shoulders and gently lowered it so she could step out of it.

Again she folded it carefully and bobbed down to lay it with the rest of their clothing.

He looked at her in her chemise and smiled. It obviously pleased him.

He lifted the hem of the chemise and saw her white satin laced panties covering her sex. She felt him ease them gently downwards and she stepped out of those, too, folding them with their other clothes and stood facing him again. There was nothing else, just the chemise and they'd both be totally naked. She couldn’t wait.

He gradually, and carefully lifted her chemise upwards and over her head. This time she just took it from him and dropped it onto the pile of clothes.

He took a step backwards and looked her up and down as she did him. They both smiled, but not a smile of happiness - this time there was a smile of raw desire. After a minute of contemplation she sat on the blanket and pulled him down.

Almost immediately he started to try to mount her, not to penetrate she was sure, but she didn't dare let his penis near her vagina unprotected. She stopped him and pushed him off to one side.

"Just one leg," she said, "We can't risk you getting too close to me there unprotected."

"Shall I get the condom?" he asked.

"Not yet."

She pulled him down onto her and she felt his right thigh force its way between hers and the top of it pressed against her vulva.

"Oh my God," she thought, "this is divine".

The sensations in her groin ratcheted up a notch and she felt a definite desire to throw caution to the wind and just pull him into her right now, protected or not.

I mustn't, she told herself as his thigh rocked wonderfully against her, causing exquisite and almost painful ache within her groin, which seemed to spread deep inside her, around her vulva, within her body. This was all new and so delightful. She could feel his penis oozing its pre-cum onto her hip. It, too, was rubbing against her and she was sure it must feel just as good for him.

He rubbed his thigh against her and she moaned gently, "Oh Tommy, Tommy, Tommy."

Suddenly he shifted position and she readied herself to stop him if he tried to enter her, but he didn't. She felt him lie between her legs, but far too low for Zebedee to come into contact with her and he kissed her breasts and ran his tongue down to her navel.

She felt him move even lower, his chest pressing against her Venus mound and clit. He continued to slide further down until she realised his mouth was over her clitoris. She waited, with overwhelming anticipation and felt his lips pressing against her hood. Did she need to remind him to take care, she wondered.

But, no, the pressing was gentle and she could feel his lips rubbing over her clit's hood so it was moving back and forth within it, not directly being touched, but causing the heat in her groin to grow and grow. Oh my God, she thought, as his hands caressed her breasts again she felt his tongue lift her clitoris' hood and, oh so gently, touch its quick. She knew it must have become erect and she felt him take it between his lips and softly suck. She couldn't help the moans she knew she was making. She was afraid he might hurt her, but his tongue and lips were so, so gentle in their caresses.

She felt she needed to grind her hips upwards towards him and she cried out with a sharp intake of breath when she felt his tongue flick it from side to side. This was bliss. Her groin ached, her breasts ached, Her legs had gone weak. Thousands of butterflies were trying to escape her tummy. She felt red hot in her vagina and knew she was approaching a threshold of pleasure, but had no idea what was beyond. She just moaned and groaned at the pleasure she was feeling and she thought, we're not actually having intercourse yet.

She heard him ask, "Okay?"

"Perfect," she sighed and he began to caress and suck it again, but always with the greatest care. Several times more she had to breath in sharply as a new peak in sensation was reached.

"Oh, wow, Tommy. That's ecstasy."

Her breaths were becoming shorter.

His mouth slid down her vulva and she opened her legs for him. His tongue working its way all over her most intimate parts. Outer lips, inner lips and then she felt him come to her vagina.

He licked her opening and she felt his tongue trying to penetrate her. It felt so good, she had another involuntary intake of breath and she experienced a tiny, but wonderful contraction inside her vagina. It felt as if it was part of something more which was lurking in the background.

She cried out in joy, "Tommy, oooooooh!"

Her moans became louder and more insistent and she cried out again, "Oh, that's incredible."

She sat up, breathless and looked at his head between her legs in awe.

He came up for air and started to come back up her body, but, again, she diverted him sideways so as not to allow him to get too close with his penis.

Her whole body was on fire now and she rolled him over onto his back so she could take his glans into her mouth and worked her lips down as far as she could and sucked all the way back up. She heard him almost crying with pleasure.

They stopped, caressed each other, looked into each other's faces and smiled and laughed.

"This is so good, Fi."

"Put your hand on me, Tommy," she asked and she guided his hand to her vulva. It was as if he knew what she wanted. His hand cupped her vulva, the heel of it resting against her clit and his index finger finding and entering her body.

She just adored the feeling of it coming into her, one of her most wonderful experiences and he was soon rocking his hand back and forth stimulating her clit to distraction, but also massaging her engorged vulva and penetrating her vagina. Back and forth, back and forth. She wanted to scream at how desperately lovely it was.

She leaned back, moved her head from side to side and cried, "Oh, Tommy."

With her left hand she reached for and held his penis and ran her fingers over his glans.

"Give me a condom, Tommy."

He leaned over to his shorts and seconds later the tiny encapsulated condom was in her fingers, but as she opened it she made sure she kept the side that would enter her clear of the fingers of her left hand in case she’d picked up some sperm on them.

She followed the instructions exactly, pushing his foreskin back as far as it would go and slowly easing it down the full length of his member. His groans and moans told her this was bliss for him then he unexpectedly stopped her and held her hand in his at the very bottom of his shaft.

"You are sure about this, Fi? Not too late to say stop."

What a wonderful thing to ask? Not at all how smut one said boys behaved this close to intercourse. He was offering her a way out.

"You must be joking, Tommy, I've been wondering about this all my teenage years."

Satisfied it was properly on, she lay back and opened her legs with her knees raised. It was now or never. She waited with anticipation.

He eased himself over her and he paused. She looked down and saw him looking at her vulva briefly before laying between her open thighs.

As he moved forward she felt a pressure on the entrance to her vagina. Any second, she knew. The anticipation was intense. Too late to say no now.

He eased slightly away and moved his body a little further up her and she felt the pressure again. It was on the edge of her and any moment would be inside. She braced herself for pain.

His finger always felt fabulous so what was his penis going to feel like. She knew it was thicker and had the most lovely sponginess. Any moment now she would know and be known. She felt another of those small contractions deep inside her.

"I love you, Fiona," he said

"Yes, love you, too," she replied, swallowing hard and feeling him ease back and slowly forward again.

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