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Peter Stone Profile Photgraph

Peter Stone - The person behind the pseudonym - Author of True Seaside Love Story

The authors chose to use pseudonyms owing to the sexual nature of their writing. They had been advised that there could be inappropriate contact by fans and critics. For Angela's profile click here.

However, it is possible to provide background without giving away their real names or that of the seaside town of Gurney.

Peter was born in Bedford in 1948. They moved to Gurney in 1964 when his father sold a contracting business and took early retirement.

He first met Angela at the youth club when he arrived at the school in 1964* and the events of their teenage love affair, in all its erotic and sexually explicit detail can be read in their books.

When Angela and her parents moved away to Stafford late in 1964 it had an enormous effect on Peter who was a brilliant student up until that point. One of his biggest problems was that Angela never replied to any of his letters no matter how he appealed for her to do so. This had a huge depressing effect upon him.

Despite an offer of a sandwich course with IBM at London University if he obtained just two grade Cs he failed hopelessly. He had taken Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Physics and 'S' Level Physics. He failed all of them.

In part this was owing to his longing for his lost Angela, but it was also that he reacted to her leaving Gurney by throwing himself into the pursuit of any skirt in town. He had a string of sexually exciting but less than fulfilling encounters with girls from both schools and the town in general. Owing to his behaviour, even his great friend mentioned in his book, Jane, stopped any association with him which hurt him badly.

In 1967 he left school a year late with no 'A' levels, ten 'O' levels and no career in mind. After an inevitable argument with his parents over his future he left for London and went from job to job while staying with an aunt.

Eventually he managed to pull himself together and picked up an office job with a major manufacturer and found that his mathematical skills could be applied to the growing use of computers in industry in the seventies.

To his great surprise and pleasure he was offered a role setting up a new computer department for the firm in Newcastle and moved north in 1973. He then married one of his colleagues and they lived comfortably in nearby North Shields. They had three children, two boys and a girl, for whom Peter insisted on the name Angela, without ever explaining why.

Unfortunately his wife died from a very aggressive form of breast cancer and Peter found himself in the late eighties with three teenage children and finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with changes in computer technologies. He chose to seek alternative employment and became a director of large retailing firm in Manchester. They so wanted his services that he was able to negotiate a part time arrangement which gave him more time to see his children through school.

All three went to university and the boy, George, went on to become a lecturer in mathematics at Lancaster University. Maths seemed to run in the family.

During the noughties, Peter suffered a heart attack and later a mini-stroke, but, financially, he no longer needed to work, sold the shares he had built up in the retail company and moved into semi-retirement.

Despite his computer and mathematical background, Peter had not embraced social media and it was his daughter, Angela, who convinced him to use Skype and FaceBook.

While casually searching for Angela Goodnight, as he regularly did, he found a 192 reference for her in Bideford. He then searched on FaceBook and there she was. Her privacy settings did not let him see much about her, but it was clearly her and his heart skipped a beat as he saw that face and those oriental eyes looking at him from his computer screen.

He sent a message and a friend request and the rest is history.

Both Peter and Angela were devastated to discover that Angela had never received his letters in the sixties. When Angela took it up with her aging mother she discovered that her father had destroyed them. Her mother felt dreadful about the deceit, but couldn't stop him. He had been adamant that Angela, being only 14, needed to concentrate on her studies and the letters eventually stopped coming, exactly as he had predicted.

After meeting up again they realised that they were both their only and true loves and quickly arranged the sale of their homes and moved back to the south coast town of Gurney.

Initially they made a conscious decision not to marry, but put all of their legal affairs into order to protect each other. However they did eventually marry on a whim.

Today Angela and Peter have quickly regained their love for each other and, as their epilogues in the books say, they make love as often as they are able, even if it does require a good supply of Viagra.

Now that they both write and live together, they describe themselves as blissfully happy.

* Readers of their books will notice inconsistencies in dates and that is owing to certain countries in the world having the age of consent at 18 instead of 16 as it is in the UK. This resulted in the books having to be rewritten. In truth readers can calculate their actual ages in the story from their ages when they met in these profiles. Angela was only 14 and Peter 16 and this helps explain the naïvety of their petting and bewildering excitement of their lovemaking.

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